CONEX S.A. processes peaches of every quality and syrup strength. Grades vary from Choice, Good Standard and Standard quality in 17-20% brix syrup, 14-17% brix light syrup, natural juice or water, cut in halves, slices or dices. The packaging can be in normal as well as stackable and/or easy open tins (EZO). Vitamins and vital ingredients of the fruit are preserved within the can as all fruit is canned within 24 hours from harvesting without any artificial preservatives.

Valued Customers

CONEX is a supplier to retailers, distributors, wholesalers and instritutional consumers all over the world. CONEX enjoys significant customer loyalty with many clients dating 40 years back.

Sales Per Region

The main market is Europe absorbing 50% of the production, 30% is going to America and 20% to the rest of the World.